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Your Free Perth Visitor Information Guide

The Guildford Hotel

Everything old is new again at The Guildford Hotel. Wonder around the venue filled with old charm and historical touches incorporated into the new design. Grab a drink in the beer garden and sit in the sun, or dine in the heart of the venue in the indoor courtyard. The Guildford Hotel offers a casual menu, mixing pub classics with a modern twist, with plenty of smoked meats straight from our in house smoker. With local brews, ciders and hops from afar, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Our wine list showcases the best of neighbouring Swan Valley, WA and our foreign favourites.

The Guildford Hotel is a two story brick and stucco ornamented structure in the Federation Free Classical architecture style. Some of the bricks used in the original build were discovered to be convict-made, likely from the local convict depot.

The eight sided Belvedere Tower that made the hotel an icon was first installed in 1915. At the same time, the façade was completely changed to the façade you see today. The façade expresses symmetry and an eclectic combination of elements and details drawn from classical architecture style. The Guildford Hotel was confirmed as a State Heritage building in 1992.


1829: Guildford was established in connecting Perth to the swan valley and country districts. Guildford was declared a municipality in 1871.

1855: There have been a few versions of The Guildford Hotel in the years before it settled at it’s current site.

1885: The Eastern Railway was completed linking the towns of Fremantle, Perth and Guildford, prompting the growth of the market town and main commercial strip along James St, including the site where The Guildford Hotel was built and first licensed by Henry E. Manning.

1891: Mr George Hiscox took ownership and established the hotel as we know it today.

1889: The gold rush boom provided Hiscox the wealth to develop the hotel, including adding the two-storey verandah. The Vaudeville Theatre, next door to the hotel, was also built in this time.

1915: In March 1915, the façade and verandah were demolished, and the current façade was constructed. The eight sided tower belvedere was first mounted on the north-east corner of the building.

1929: On 25th June, 1929, the hotel was sold by auction to the Swan Brewery Co for £25,000

1980: More renovations were carried out, and the hotel then included a bottle shop, restaurant, 3 bars and 26 hotel rooms.

1991: After developing structural problems, the Swan Shire Council began the process to condemn the building. Just weeks before demolition is due to start, new owners purchased the hotel and began to restore it by refurbishing the interior.

1992: The building was added to the State Heritage Register.

2008: On the 1st September, 2008, The Guildford Hotel was engulfed in flames, leaving only an empty shell. Sadly, at 12:15am on 1st September, 2008, the hotel went up in flames, destroying the belvedere tower, interior and roof, but keeping the iconic façade intact.

The damage left the roof open to exposure, causing further damage. The hotel was rebuilt in 2016.



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