Your Free Perth Visitor Information Guide

Your Free Perth Visitor Information Guide

Swim With Dolphins – Perth Wild Encounters

Located just 45 minutes south of Perth, Rockingham’s calm clear waters are home to over 250 wild bottlenose dolphins. Perth Wild Encounters operates a multi award-winning dolphin swim cruise that will have these fascinating creatures swimming around within inches of you. You may see mothers nursing calves, discover how they use stingrays to catch their dinner or watch the boys showing off for the ladies. It’s the ultimate wildlife encounter! First time snorkelers and nervous swimmers are well catered for by experienced guides that use aqua scooters to tow visitors gently amongst the dolphins. This is a must do experience for all wildlife lovers!

Interacting with these fascinating animals in their natural environment is exhilarating and the staff are dedicated to providing the best experience for both dolphins and our guests. They are intelligent, social creatures and most days it’s clear they’re having as much fun as you!  You may also have the privilege of observing some fascinating natural behaviors along the way such as hunting, mating and even sleeping! They don’t perform tricks and they aren’t fed; you simply spend some time enjoying each other’s company!

Bookings for the Swim with Wild Dolphins are essential as seats are limited and often sell out.


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