Your Free Perth Visitor Information Guide

Your Free Perth Visitor Information Guide

The Anzac Bell Tour

The ANZAC Bell Tour is the small group premium tour at the Bell Tower. Find out about the meaning of the 6,5000 kg ANZAC Bell and witness it ring at midday. Starting on level 1, you will step behind the scenes into the ringing chamber to chime the ancient bells with your experienced tour guide. You will also learn about the history of the ANZAC Bell before following your tour guide to level 5, where you will see the powerful 6,500kg ANZAC Bell ring at midday.

Highlights: Chime the ancient bells during an interactive chiming demonstration Learn about the ANZAC legend and the meaning behind the ANZAC Bell See the 6,500kg ANZAC Bell ring at midday Receive an ANZAC Bell medallion and take it to the Perth Mint for FREE engraving Receive a Certificate to commemorate your experience Your guide will play a song from World War 1 on the coin-operated carillon Record a FREE video postcard to send to your friends and family Marvel at the stunning views of the Swan River and Perth City from the observation deck. Includes: Bell Tower entry ticket – access to all public levels including the observation deck Witnessing the 6,500kg ANZAC Bell ring ANZAC Bell medallion Bell Chiming demonstration Bell Chiming certificate.


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