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Hangdog Art

Take home a genuine Fremantle souvenir! A new t-shirt from Hangdog Art lets you cover off two WA icons at once in the souvenir-shopping stakes. It references the iconic Dingo Flour logo, with its red dingo that looms large on a silo in North Fremantle (and made the local news when it was freshly painted in December 2016). In lieu of a dingo, however, the t-shirt sports a red dog, and the words ‘Dog Beach, Freo’ – celebrating a coastal idyll that is intrinsically ‘Fremantle’ with its eclectic community of dog lovers. 

The t-shirt is turning out to be the must-have accessory for Freo locals in the summer of 2016-17! It’s designed by Fremantle creative business, Hangdog, and is available online in a variety of styles and colours. Follow the TEES link on the Hangdog home page:

You might also like to join in the fun of #hangdoginthewild on social media, for which people are encouraged to share pictures of themselves in their Hangdog t-shirt in far-flung settings across the globe.  Just add the #hangdoginthewild hashtag to your pics.


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