Your Free Perth Visitor Information Guide

Your Free Perth Visitor Information Guide

Perth’s Laneways

In 2008, the City of Perth embarked on a long-term plan to revitalise the city’s laneways and forgotten spaces to give them a new lease of life. The plan recently wrapped up to great success with upgrades vastly improving many of these spaces and bringing a multitude of benefits to businesses, residents and visitors. With enticing street art, striking lighting and eclectic small businesses, each laneway is now something truly special to discover. We’ve handpicked five you may like to explore today:

McLean Lane
The City of Perth’s urban renewal of McLean Lane saw several artistic treatments added to the thoroughfare running between Wellington and Hay streets. Drawing on its rich history, the laneway enhancement includes colourful artworks, decorative elements, original cobblestones and stunning feature lighting. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out Hifumiya, Perth’s first Japanese udon noodle house.

Prince Lane
Connecting Wellington and Murray Streets, Prince Lane features a series of artworks. Weaving the length of the laneway, the main mural features intersecting artworks drawing on the fashion history of the King Street area. The mural was commissioned from well-known WA artists.

Wolf Lane
Connecting King Street to Murray Street, Wolf Lane features a mixture of quirky small bars and daytime cafés and is well known for its large mural art displays. Take a glimpse at a towering seahorse composite by Alexis Diaz or gaze at the commanding patchwork mural by New York artist Maya Hayuk.

Grand Lane
Steeped in the history of its namesake, the Grand Theatre, urban destination Grand Lane is now a burgeoning food and beverage scene. You’ll find deliciously good toasties at Toastface Grillah as well as mouth-watering fish and chips at Grand Lane Fish House. The urban amenity of the lane is underpinned by mural artwork from Bonsai and Two-One, with Timothy Rollin’s piece on the eastern wall and mural by Chris Nixon. The festoon lights at the Barrack Street end of the laneway reference the old theatre that used to sit there.

Howard Lane
One of the first lanes to be upgraded by the City of Perth in 2009, Howard Lane continues to thrive with the likes of Helvetica Bar and Andaluz. The lane features a series of artworks and chandeliers at either end of the laneway that reference the historic grand ballroom that once existed on the site.


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