Your Free Perth Visitor Information Guide

Your Free Perth Visitor Information Guide

Mandurah Visitor Centre

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the Giants of Mandurah adventure, starting at the Mandurah Visitor Centre – your gateway to discovery! Grab your souvenir guide providing the coordinates to uncover the Giants’ hidden locations. Our friendly experts are here to elevate your Mandurah experience. Maps, bookings, local insights – we’ve got it all covered.

As you explore, marvel at the ‘Welcome to Country’ mural by Peta & Corey Ugle, revealing the essence of Mandurah’s waterways. Immerse yourself with our 3D Augmented Reality Experience, breathing life into this captivating masterpiece, telling Mandjoogoordap’s Aboriginal creation story.

Take home a piece of Mandurah from Emma Blyth’s Black Stump Art Gallery. Our Visitor Centre is a treasure trove of locally sourced souvenirs. Plus, we’re proud to be a part of the Hidden Disability Sunflower initiative, ensuring every visitor feels truly welcome. Your Mandurah adventure starts here – at the award-winning Mandurah Visitor Centre.


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