Your Free Perth Visitor Information Guide

Your Free Perth Visitor Information Guide

Indian Ocean Craft Triennial

Spanning three months, the Indian Ocean Craft Triennial is a vibrant celebration of contemporary craft and cultural exchange of the Indian Ocean region. An international exhibition of crafted works by 36 craft artists and groups from Australia and countries of the Indian Ocean Region, complemented by a three-day international conference and the IOTA24 festival program.  Over 300 members of the Western Australian craft arts community will present over 70 exhibitions and activities at galleries and art spaces across the state from Esperance to Perth to Broome.

For IOTA24, major exhibition partners Fremantle Arts Centre, John Curtin Gallery and Holmes à Court Gallery @No.10 will host group exhibitions, supported by solo shows at three local government galleries in Bunbury, Melville and Rockingham. We look forward to their presentation of ambitious work by the selected lead international and Australian artists.

IOTA24 invites visitors to discover the power of craft to transcend boundaries and foster connections between people and cultures.


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