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Eco Adventures Margaret River

Magnificent forests of towering trees, incredible views of two oceans, megafauna and shipwrecks on iPads, driving your own ELECTRIC 4WD quad bike: sound like fun? For everyone from ages 4-94, our unique, fun and safe tour will showcase 18km of the very best forest trails in Western Australia in 90 minutes. Eco friendly with no heat, noise or emissions, but above all virtually silent; you can hear the birds and talk to your passenger!

Quad bikes and environmental sensitivity are rarely mentioned in the same sentence but Gary Ingram of Eco Adventures wants that to change. He’s the brains behind a world-first innovation that’s turned the standard fuel-powered quad bike into an electric-powered, silent, green-sensitive mode of transport that, in this case, will take you into Western Australia’s Boranup Karri Forest in the Margaret River region. Your EcoBike is a quad bike for the 21st century – retooled to “float” across the park trails for a unique adventure that blends the beauty of natural exploration with cutting-edge technology. Each bike is equipped with an iPad mini that Ingram uses to bring highlights such as the fossils of long-extinct megafauna to life in your hand. It’s a slightly Jurassic Park twist to top off a truly memorable experience. If you have any doubt about the “eco” side of things, consider this: these reimagined quad bikes run on a bit less than $2 worth of electricity for a charge that will last about 100 kilometres of driving distance.

Eco Adventures have a 5 star on TripAdvisor! Highly recommended for family groups. An experience unlike any other!



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