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Your Free Perth Visitor Information Guide

Down Under Discoveries

Welcome to Down Under Discoveries, where nature meets adventure, and every step is a journey of connection and wonder. Immerse yourself in the heart of Western Australia with Chelle and her team Down Under.

As an Eco Certified Tour Guide, Chelle’s commitment to fostering connections between people and the great outdoors is unparalleled. Her belief in the transformative power of nature led her to create immersive nature-based experiences that enrich your life and also deepen your understanding of the natural wonders around you.

Chelle and her teams’ dedication extends beyond the adventure; they are guardians of the environment, striving to minimize their impact on Earth.

Whether you’re an international explorer or a local seeking new horizons, Down Under Discoveries experiences cater to all. Choose from Eco Tours, Micro Adventures, Hire Services, Wellness Getaways and Coaching & Workshops throughout the breathtaking landscapes of Mandurah and Western Australia.

From the untamed wilderness to the serene heartland of Mandurah, this is a special invitation to reclaim your wild side. Embark on a journey that transcends wellness, eco-tourism, micro-adventures, and citizen science; an open invitation to explore, connect, and thrive with Down Under Discoveries.


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