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Escape This

Got a hankering for an adventure? Flummoxed for a first date idea? Is the work crew feeling a little disjointed? Get your adrenaline pumping with a visit to Escape This’ immersive escape rooms situated in the heart of Northbridge.

 With seven themed rooms (and more on the horizon!) you’ll be getting your noggin working overtime, in no time. Behind every door, an adventure awaits those game enough to take the challenge – be it escaping Dr. Lector’s copycat killer, surviving being buried alive, walking the plank of their pirate ship, escaping Dracula’s vengeful grasp, navigating The Wizard’s Chamber, breaking free of Perth’s most haunted house or pulling off the bank heist to end all bank heists.

With your adrenaline pumping, their rooms throw challenges at you that require critical thinking, great teamwork and masterful problem solving if you are to find your way free of their “locked room” adventures.
Suitable for all ages nine years and older.


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